5 Top Online Games For You To Play Right Now

Gaming is the sensation and hobby for most people nowadays especially teenagers and young adults. Get to know what they are playing right now!

Apex Legends

It is like a PUBG game but with special skills and abilities . Apex Legends have skills that consist of 3, primary skill, passive and ultimate. It is an open-world that have element of futuristic where there is flying stuff. Each character has their own back story and you can find Easter eggs in the game. There are 3 players in each squad, this game is fast-paced and movement. Cartoon but realistic animations. However, it is not too cartoonish. Movement is everything in the game. Oh yes, this game has lots of interesting elements for you to discover . Heroes are called ‘Legends’ here. Oh yes, if you dislike in-game purchases, this game usually gives free skins. All you need to do is play this game. Committing to this game will result in many pretty skins and level up faster.


Second online game on this list is Valorant. This is an online shooting game, yet every agent has a unique set of abilities. It adds to the excitement of the game by distinguishing it from other fps games. However, if your internet connection is unstable, the game will be interrupted. You must have twitch reflexes and master the use of your abilities. There are currently 16 agents in these games as of the publication of this article. Valorant is made up of four agent classes: Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels. Valorant has its own unique charm that can entice players. 

GTA Online

Third game that is recommended in this list is GTA Online. I basically recommend the mode in GTA 5 rather than a separate game, but it deserves to be recognised as its own beast. It’s an illegal playground where you can live out your fantasies of being a supercriminal. You could be anyone; a 30 year old woman, a mild-mannered accountant, teacher, fast food worker, cleaner or doctor in real life. However,  GTA Online allows you to carry out dangerous heists, illegal operations, and expensive (and ill-gotten) luxuries. Basically, everything that would land you in jail in the real world. 

Fall Guys

Fall Guys, one of the most inventive and welcoming battle royale experiences available. Don’t forget to mention the best fun aspect when discussing online games. Instead of concentrating on combat or achieving specific goals, there are dozens of players competing against each other. The games are filled with obstacle courses that can be as amusing but they can also be equally frustrating, but never tiring as it is fun to play.

Fall Guys is best played with friends in a group because you can communicate. However,  it’s also fun to play on your own, slowly learning the obstacle courses and attempting to reach first place to win the elusive crown. It’s one of those games we’d recommend to anyone, thanks to its welcoming features and quick learning aspect.

Counter Strike Global Offensive 

Last but not least for the games, there’s a reason why Counter-Strike games have been around for so long. According to my experience, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or simply CS:GO for short) have been around since I was in school. When I am adulting, it is refreshing to see CSGO is still around. This is a shooting-games where you need to be focused and have a high game sense. 

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Kaki Share