Here are some things that many real estate agents struggle with, SALES! Getting sales is so hard nowadays, and many people who are in the real estate industry do suffer from it. So, what are the chances that they might likely hit the jackpot? Well, to know what it is, stick with this article till the end.


The real estate markets have faced many challenges and have gone through a lot of ups and downs. The reason behind these challenges is due to the competition out there. Fierce competition from other real estate fields are the one that are causing the lack of sales in selling a property regardless of what type it might be. 


In addition, there are many other reasons that can relate to the downfall of a real estate agent. Therefore, the vitality here is that, the self awareness of real estate agents in knowing the mistakes that they’re committing and the conscious mind that needs to find a solution in order to overcome it. So, here’s are the common things that they miss out

Doesn’t Have An Official Site

Having an official site is not really a big thing, you do not have to write a long blog or anything, with this modern era that we are living in, technology has introduced us to social media platforms. Nowadays, social media platforms wield more power than our own voices. Most of the time, in order to make our voice heard, the only place people resort to are social media like instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.

Therefore setting yourself an official site in social media platforms will enable people to know the existence of your position as a realtor who specializes in selling properties in desired locations like Bangi for example. 

Make Yourself Easy To Be Contacted


Making yourself available to be contacted would enable many house sellers or property buyers to get close to you. This is why as mentioned above, do set up an official site where work related information such as email address, and contact numbers are listed, in order to reach out to you.

For example, if you are someone who is specialized in an area like Bangi, this would attract sellers or buyers from this related area to contact you in order to discuss anything related to real estate. This is also one of your opportunities to boost your sales in earning the trust of the buyer or seller but cutting down to a deal.

Keep An Eye For Other Realtors

Competition is everything in working life, therefore, if your job is to sell or make a buyer to buy a piece of land, or even housing properties like apartments, flats, condominiums or landed property, in a well known area like Bangi. The  importance of you as a realtor in learning the required marketing skill is needed. Make sure that you are well knowledgeable in the industry that you’re in. This would allow you not to be fooled or stepped on by other realtors out there.

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