open a personal account for internet banking

Currently, we are moving towards a generation where everything that can be and should be is online. One example I can give you is the way we save money. It has progressed from stashing our money under our mattresses to saving in banks where they would provide you with a passbook that you use to keep track of your transactions, to the modern, and efficient online banking that we use today. 

Despite this, many people, usually those of the older generation, have been hesitant and reluctant to make this change. They question the use of online banking and its safety. Maybe it’s because of their lack of understanding. Well, if you happen to be one of those who are hesitant, fret not. I’m here to convince and reassure you. Here are some benefits of online banking.  

Paying Your Bills

To begin with, by having access to internet banking, you will be able to pay your bills easier. Let me explain, for bills such as water bills, electricity bills, sewerage bills and many more, you can pay them online through online banking. The institutions that oversee these bills have set up websites that you can log onto should you wish to pay your bill. All it takes is a simple click of a button on your phone or computer, and you’ll be able to view your bills. Then you can proceed to key in your bank information in the space provided and pay your bills. Simple isn’t it. It sure does save you from having to take a trip to the bank to get the money you need and pay your bills. In some cases, certain bills cannot be paid through banks unless it is authorized by the government. Then you’ll have to take another trip to said institutions to pay your bills. 

Tracking Your Transactions

Now, this is one added bonus that I definitely enjoy. That is being able to track your transactions. Every time you use your bank account, your transactions will be recorded in your history. You simply have to log onto your online bank account and check your summary. All transactions made, be it money coming in or going out, will be listed in your summary. This makes tracking your expenses much easier as you needn’t write them down manually. You can also trace any money coming into your account and ensure that it is all up to date. 

Convenient Bank Transfers 

When people say it’s convenient to use internet banking, they really mean it. From shopping online to paying bills to pay your rent. All of these things can be done through online banking. Instead of having to take a trip to the bank to retrieve the money, you can simply use your phone to transfer your money to the places it needs to go. An added bonus is that it is safer. You would not need to be seen carrying such a large amount of money with you and risk getting robbed by opportunists watching. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Hong Leong Bank branch to open a personal account for internet banking

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