Benefits of Table Ordering Systems for Restaurants

What is Table Ordering Systems for Restaurants?

Table ordering systems or Tabletop ordering enables guests in restaurants to order food and drinks from their table with a device or a smartphone. There is a number of apps for smartphones out there and compared to dedicated devices they lack customer engagement. Only 4-8% of guests order with their smartphone vs. 93% if offered a dedicated device. Some restaurants provide ordering through certain websites that the customers can scan to access the menu and carry out their orders.

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What equipment do you need for tableside ordering?

Some restaurants offer tableside ordering either through QR code technology or handheld devices. Depending on the method you choose, there are a few types of technology restaurants will need to provide tableside ordering. For handheld platforms, a tablet could be carried by the waiter and then given to the customer to do the ordering process and be left at the table for the customer to add orders if they want. As for QR code scanning, it is a newer technology that’s gaining in popularity, especially as restaurants continue to seek contact-free options due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers can scan a QR code on their mobile device that sends them to the restaurant’s menu. Once online, they can order food and beverages as well as pay their bill directly from their own devices.

table ordering system for restaurants malaysia

What are the Benefits of Table Ordering Systems for Restaurants? 

We may not realise it, but the implementation of the technology, table ordering system for restaurants malaysia actually carry many benefits. First and foremost, the usage of this system results in no more wrong orders being carried out. There will be no need for the server to rush back to the kitchen and reenter the ordering on the ticket,  and customers can see their orders on the screen, so there’s no trouble with wrong orders. This means the business can avoid having to hire more waiters and waitresses since the orders are keyed in by the customers themselves. Second, the table ordering system in restaurants can provide the customers, with peace of mind. Since credit card fraud is an unfortunate problem in retail, customers are more aware of the issue than ever.

table ordering system for restaurants malaysia

Because of this, diners may be wary of a server who takes too long to return their credit card when running the payment through a processor. Tableside payment processing means your servers run customers’ cards through right at the table, so a diner’s card is never out of their sight. To add on, the mode of transactions can also be carried out through online banking and other mobile apps, cashless payment methods which are hassle-free for the customer. The last and business promoting benefit of table ordering systems in restaurants is that it promotes the upsell reminders, which usually is carried out by the staff or the waiter. Your servers always try to push drinks, desserts, appetizers and extras, but the truth is every server has skipped this step to get to the next table or to get food out. Certain apps can offer reminders to upsell. It’s good for your bottom line and the ticket total, which also benefits your servers’ tips.

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