Some of us are well aware of how breastfeeding babies are not as easy as it can be seen. Apparently there are a lot of challenges that need to be faced by the breastfeeding mother, however not everyone knows what they can do to help with that other than giving emotional support. This is probably due to the lack of exposure to how we can help them while they are struggling. You are probably here to find out too, so have you heard about how the best nursing pads could actually be the perfect gift for breastfeeding mothers too?

Yes, nursing pads could actually be helpful in this too! Hence why, Lansinoh is taking this initiative to include it as one of their products too! In fact, there are so many advantages and benefits of nursing pads for breastfeeding mothers. Have you heard about it? 

Keep reading to know more about nursing pads.

Crucial Things You Have To Acknowledge About Nursing Pads

What are nursing pads?

Basically, nursing pads or can be called breast pads are created for breastfeeding mothers to prevent the milk from leaking by absorbing it. The nursing or breast pads are usually placed between the nipples and bra to prevent wet clothes.

The best time for breastfeeding mothers to use nursing pads

Indeed, there are times that the majority of breastfeeding mothers would occur with these kinds of problems and need nursing pads. They are when:

  • Mothers are at the final stages of pregnancy or at least a few weeks after the delivery.
  • Mothers are aware that they won’t be able to breastfeed their babies for quite a long time.
  • When the mothers’ milk overflows.
  • During sexual intercourse.
  • When mothers are going to sleep.
  • Using gel that is water based and watery on nipples.
  • Leaving home such as going to work.

The benefits of using nursing pads for breastfeeding mothers

Some breastfeeding mothers would find it hard to use, but do you know what are the benefits of wearing it? They are definitely helping in:

  • It will be able to hold your breast in place to avoid sagginess. 
  • It is protecting your nipple from getting rubbed on the bra and irritates.
  • It helps you from wet clothes or wet spots.

Crucial tips on choosing the best nursing pads

There are several types and brands of nursing pads that we could easily get out there. Hence why, a good choice must be made to make it the suitable one. Do consider these things:

  • Choose a nursing pad that is compatible with your leakage problem.
  • Choose the affordable one for a long time usage.
  • Choose the convenience and beneficial one to make sure it only requires simple steps in using it.
  • Be more concerned about the materials used to prevent any irritates on your skin.

As we are speaking about the best nursing pads that you could get for breastfeeding mothers, Lansinoh have made the initiative to actually come out with the most compatible nursing pad, here are why it is the best products:

  • It is made as disposable.
  • Got Blue Lock Core to absorb leakage.
  • Can fit all breast sizes.
  • Able to hold up 20x of its weight.

It’s time to check out what else Lansinoh got in store for breastfeeding mothers!

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