Examples of Digital Marketing Ads

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It used to be fairly obvious how digital advertisements appeared. Text-based ads such as search ads, paid listings on websites or in newsletters were available, as were image-based ads such as banners and video ads. However, as social media, responsive web design, mobile usage, and a variety of screen sizes and platforms have proliferated, ads have evolved. Check out Republic digital more info here.

The format and platform crossover can make it difficult for marketers to understand how ads appear in their native environment. We hope to simplify the complex digital ad environment by creating a visual guide of ad examples. Here are some various types of ads covered which are:

  • Search: Search ads are text and shopping ads that appear in Google, Bing, and other search engines’ search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Social: Social media ads are displayed on social media platforms such as Facebook and consist of a combination of images, video, and text. They can also be “promoted posts,” which are native posts that have been boosted on the platform.
  • Video: Video ads are similar to Internet commercials. They typically run on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, and they can also be found on the websites of many publishers.
  • Display: Display ads, also known as “banner ads,” are image ads that come in a variety of sizes, including animated GIFs, static ads, rich media ads, interstitials, and overlays.
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There are 6 basic building blocks for most digital ads types which are a headline, the main body text of the ad, a primary featured image or video, additional images for ad perks, social engagement features, and other stuff such as image logo or additional features.

  1. Search ad type
  • It is in text format and usually uses platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 
  • Text-based search ads are the most common. However, search ads also include shopping ads with thumbnail images of products. As the king of all search engines, Google tends to set the standard for ad specifications across all search engines. Since Google launched their paid ad platform in 2000, search ads have grown in size.
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  1. Social ad type
  • It is in a combination format which includes text, image, video, and social elements. The platforms used are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Most social media ads combine text with images or video to encourage user engagement by allowing them to like, share, or comment on the ad. Social ads can direct users to the advertiser’s website or landing page, as well as to their profile page on the platform.
  • As with search ads, the appearance of social ads varies depending on the device, screen size, and ad placement.
  1. Video ad type
  • It is in video format which sometimes comes with social or text elements. The platforms used are on YouTube, Google Display, and Social Platforms. The video ad type supports various different ad formats which are display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads and sponsored ads.
  1. Display ad type
  • The format is in banner ads. The platforms being used are mostly image-supporting websites. 
  • Most websites that allow advertising use banners in some form or another, so banner ads come in various sizes.
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