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Ever since the year 2017, there has been an increase of teenage pregnancies in Malaysia, many young teens would have to resort to looking up for ways to prepare themselves online. Yes, the presence of their mother is very beneficial but these conversations can be hard to have within conservative families which is quite the majority in Malaysia. 

Looking at the horrifying statistics, over 41000 teen pregnancies were recorded between 2017 and 2022 and 35% of them were out of wedlock. These teenagers now would have to properly prepare for the arrival of another human being in their lives for them to take care of. 

Mentally Preparing for Childbirth

Teenage pregnancy is often unplanned. Due to religious or legal reasons where and abortion is not an option, the young soon-to-be mother has to make a hard decision to mentally prepare to have the child. 

Mental health is crucial for a young mother therefore she should do everything she can to maintain a healthy mentality. Beginning with understanding the risk factors. Postpartum Depression(PPD) is not a problem to be taken lightly. Understanding what would cause it would help in keeping all the necessary negative factors away. Besides that, seeking out doctors to get treatment if there are signs of early PPD is very helpful in preventing it from becoming any worse. 

Other than that, knowing what to expect is also something that would help prepare the young mother mentally. These expectations can be known through talking with the mother, the effects of the weight gained, food cravings, body aches and so much more. It is good for the new mother to know these so that the mental fortification could help the body prepare for what is to come. 

Seeking Out Social Support is also highly recommended. If the partner is present, the mother should talk to them and make sure that they will both make an effort to support each other when raising the child. Seeking out friends and family for emotional support is also advised. Knowing that your family will be there to support you not just emotionally but financially in some way shape or form will put the mother at ease. Joining a group of expecting parents is also a highly recommended act because it would expose the soon-to-be parents with other experienced parents and have them explain the highs and lows along with information about being a parent. 

Understanding the importance of mental health during the pregnancy and even after is very important. The human brain is truly an amazing organ. Mentaly being healthy and stable would help one’s body get stronger and even physically prepare it for pain before the pain is even felt. That is why understanding the importance of a healthy mental state is very important when pregnant for the first time.

Preparing The Essentials

Knowing what are the more essential items to purchase when having a baby is a fundamentally important rule. One must then think carefully about a few factors like baby proofing the house, the baby’s food and the baby’s basic needs. 

One of the more important things to prepare are things like the crib and mattress. This is important to give your newborn a proper and safe place to sleep. Alongside that, a waterproof mattress cover and fitted sheets are important to the safety of the baby and the lack of pillows and pads make it easier to ensure that issues like sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS) does not occur. 

Items that would definitely help the parents with raising their child in comfort are humidifiers to help keep the air moisturized and keep them comfortable as well. Besides that, clothing storage is also essential because it would help keep the baby’s clothes clean and safe. Pacifiers and appropriate toys would also help to give the baby some form of entertainment. 

Preparing all the necessities that come with the baby’s food like formula and breast pumps along with a feeding towel are all very important because feeding a baby requires a lot of work and it should not be done simply. 

A basin or small tub is good to have while helping give the baby a bath. This should also be followed by things like baby toothbrushes and baby friendly soap. These shops could be located in and out of malls which would help in the purchase of all the mentioned items needed along with the feeding equipment and baby toothbrush in malaysia.


Whether it was a choice for the parents to have the child or if it was unplanned, taking care of a child is a lot of work and both the mother and the father must both equally contribute in the efforts to give this child a good future and a comfortable roof above their heads. 

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