Questions to ask before signing a lease agreement

office for rent in Empire Damansara

Due to the wide-ranging effects your selection can have on your company, choosing office space can be rather difficult. For instance, choosing the incorrect location could cost you clients or employees. Additionally, rather than only considering your current condition, you must consider the needs of your firm in the future. That is why people prefer to look for an office for rent in Empire Damansara, because it checks all the boxes for both employers and employees. 

Is the location practical for the customers?

office for rent in Empire Damansara

Due to rising transportation expenses and potential decreases in consumer willingness to travel, you also want your business to be easily accessible to clients. If you decide to relocate from an urban area to a less expensive site in the suburbs, think about whether the potential loss of clients will be offset by the lower costs. Face-to-face meetings must remain manageable even in the era of video conferencing and Skype.

Is there potential for my business to expand?

Any business must take into account not just its immediate needs but also its future development and other variables that could alter its need for space once the lease expires. Try to work out a shorter lease term or add wording to the contract that grants you the first right of negotiations on any neighbouring space that becomes empty if you can’t afford to take on additional space to allow you room to develop.

Would I be willing to share an office?

The cost of common spaces like kitchens and toilets as well as office rent might be reduced by sharing space with a second business. It’s best to share with firms that complement each other for referral purposes, such as an architect with a builder or a digital marketing agency with a Web designer. Even if the lease is month to month, there should be a legal agreement between the tenants.

How are things with parking?

office for rent in Empire Damansara

It’s crucial to take into account the amount of parking that is offered at your preferred location, as well as any potential costs to clients and staff. Is there a location where staff can park if parking is limited so that customers can get the best spots? Parking ticket validation for clients and special staff rates are both worthwhile initiatives, but you must factor them into your budget.

Are there any unstated expenses that I’m overlooking?

Determine the whole cost of the space, including the rent, utilities, building charges, moving costs, and any additional expenditures that might not be immediately apparent. because there may be unforeseen costs

How safe are the rental rate and lease?

The last thing you want to happen is to settle into a location only to learn at the expiration of your lease that your landowner is leasing the location to someone else or has drastically increased the rent. Make sure that the initial lease includes language allowing you to renew it. Although rental prices are typically discussed at the time of the renewal, you might aim to limit any increases to no more than 5% in the original contract.

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