What is the definition of nursing?

Nursing is a field of medicine that focuses on the care of individuals, families, and communities who are ill or in need of assistance in order to preserve their health and quality of life. 

Three reasons to study Nursing:

  1. Nursing is an exciting field of work, but it is also a difficult one. So, instead of another boring day at the job, your workplace is more adrenaline-pumping, difficult, and exciting. Nursing is a profession that is required by the majority of people, which implies that working overseas could be an opportunity.
  2. Nurses have a broad range of jobs and can work in a variety of situations. Midwifery, palliative care, school nursing, children’s or adult nursing, and many more nursing specialties are available.
  3. Study nursing in Malaysia allows you to apply your skill to save lives in everyday situations, making you a valuable member of your family and community.

Where to study nursing?

Diploma in nursing in ltakes three to four years, or longer on a part-time basis. You will need to select one for four nursing specialisms – adult, child, mental health or learning disability. You will spend six months of the degree on supervised placements in local hospitals and community establishments. From this experience, you will gain a high level of technical competence and clinical decision-making skills.Best university to study nursing

What kind of jobs can I get by studying Nursing?

Graduates who study nursing in Malaysia go on to pursue a variety of careers. Some of the highest paying jobs in nursing include: certified registered nurse anesthetist, general nurse practitioner, gerontological nurse practitioner, pain management nurse, psychiatric nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, family nurse practitioner, and informatics nurse.

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