Eco friendly water bottles Malaysia

Over the last several decades, we have witnessed an increase in the number of climate change and global warming related consequences. As a result, severe weather phenomena and natural calamities have been experienced. While there is no way to completely halt global warming or climate change, there are steps that may be taken to decrease it. Using environmentally friendly items is one way in which we, as people, can contribute to the answer. There are a plethora of environmentally friendly items available on the market. While each one has a distinct goal and solution, they are all designed to reduce the strain placed on the planet Earth. Here is a list of the best environmentally friendly items that will assist us in being much more environmentally conscious.

Eco-Friendly Bottles

Even though most of us are well-aware that plastic bottles are very much harmful for the environment, it seems that the selling, buying and usage of it haven’t lessened much. Perhaps it often happens whenever we are on the go, that we seek bottled water which comes in plastic materials. However, you can now opt for a better choice, which are eco-friendly water bottles in Malaysia. The designs are both sleek and easy on the eyes, which you can carry in your bag easily. There are also specially designed pouches that you can individually carry the bottle with you anywhere. Decrease the use of plastic bottles today, and opt for eco-friendly water bottles in Malaysia.

Kitchen Products That Are Eco-Friendly

Paper towels are a must-have if you cook frequently or, like me, spill stuff frequently. However, that’s a lot of paper towel, and a reusable cleaning cloth or dishcloth is a far more environmentally responsible solution. These reusable cleaning cloths are so flexible that you can use them for anything from dishwashing to wiping down your counters. Not only can you reuse them by thoroughly rinsing them after each use, but you can also wash, dishwasher, or microwave them for a deep clean, depending on the brand. They may even be biodegradable, so you may replace them after a few months depending on the manufacturer.

Eco friendly water bottles Malaysia

Tea Infuser and Coffee Filter that are both environmentally friendly

If you drink coffee or tea frequently, consider investing in a reusable coffee filter, tea infuser or steeper, or perhaps even reusable coffee pods/capsules. They’re really convenient and simple to use. For me, a coffee filter is all about simplicity, and I’m presently using one from Kinto Slow Coffee Style. These stainless steel filters fit nicely on the jug, and when you’re done, you can effortlessly remove them and store them in the filter holder as you enjoy your coffee. Despite the fact that typical coffee filters are made of paper, which is less harmful than plastic, trash is still waste. The tea infuser/steeper and coffee pods work in the same way.

Eco-Friendly Hygiene Products

If you want a fresh body soap, consider solid soap, or body soap bars. Soap bars help reduce plastic waste. Plus, many bar soaps contain natural chemicals that are good for your skin and the environment. However, many body bar soaps are moisturising and may feel as luxurious as liquid soap. Try solid shampoo and conditioner if you currently use body bar soap. Like solid body soap, solid shampoo and conditioner reduce plastic packaging. Lush provides fantastic products like solid soap, shampoo, and conditioner choices.

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