iso 17025 malaysia

The International Organization for Standardization, or more commonly known as ISO 17025 refers to a quality management system, and a standard for calibrating and testing laboratories. The ISO 17025 is responsible for evaluating technical competence in lab testing, calibration services. It also applies to all organizations that does testing and calibration.

How to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation?

To achieve the ISO 17025 Malaysia certification, the laboratory will have its technical competence and quality management system evaluated by a third party. The third party will conduct audits regularly in order to maintain the certification. The accreditation means that the laboratory is deemed as technically competent to produce testing and calibration results, and it meets all the Management and Technical requirements of ISO 17025. Apart from that, the certification can only be granted by an authorized accreditation body. 

Importance of ISO 17025 Accreditation

Having the ISO 17025 accreditation is simply proof that the laboratory has an admissible quality management system established, and is adept & well equipped to provide testing and calibration results. Laboratories that are accredited can perform tests against the International Standard (ISO 17025), and the results are collectively acceptable amongst different regulatory and governmental organizations. The test results of all accredited laboratories are required to meet a coequal quality standard, regardless of the accreditation body.

Benefits of being an accredited laboratory

There are a multitude of benefits that a laboratory can get if they acquire the ISO 17025 accreditation. Here are a few of them:

1. Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Since the ISO 17025 is a highly recognised and internationally honored standard, accredited laboratories will definitely be able to gain the trust of current clients and new prospective clients. The accreditation itself will assure all clients, existing or prospective, that your laboratory is able to operate with efficiency, is consistent and committed towards producing the best results. Of course, when your clients are trusting of your outputs, not only does their satisfaction increase, it also increases the chances of them sharing your services to their acquaintances.

2. Increase in Performance Standards

Acquiring the ISO 17025 accreditation is certainly not an easy feat. It could take some time for a laboratory to gain the accreditation. Consistency in the standard review insinuates that the laboratories should stay thrive to maintain data quality and proficiency. Employees, clients and stakeholders will be certain that all the data and results that is being generated by the laboratory are accurate and reliable, which will exhibit the competence and quality of the laboratory.

3. Global Recognition

As we know, the ISO 17025 is a standard that is highly reputable and recognised internationally. When a laboratory is ISO 17025 certified, it will definitely have a good reputation as the accreditation signifies its outstanding standards. Having a strong reputation among regulatory bodies will be able to boost the laboratory’s reputation from the local arena to internationally, and worldwide.

These are only a few of the many benefits of having your laboratory accredited by the ISO 17025 standard. The benefits stated have been done by conducting various studies to prove that it is beneficial for laboratories to be ISO 17025 certified, especially if the organization wants to be globally recognised.

iso 17025 malaysia
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