Jom Apply for Unifi speed internet

From laptops and cellphones to baby monitors and security cameras, it seems like everything nowadays is connected to the internet in some manner. Your bandwidth is shared by all of these devices in your house. Every device on your network consumes a percentage of your bandwidth, reducing internet speed, especially when using WiFi.

Consider the situation as though you were driving on the highway. Cars drive slower than usual during rush hour when there is a lot of traffic. This holds true for your online connection as well. When everyone in your house uses the internet at the same time, it causes congestion. When you add in some older devices that are doing updates or backups, your performance is further slowed.

Jom Apply for Unifi speed internet

The total number of devices.

The phrase “Internet of Things” refers to all of the devices in your house that communicate data via the internet. Our houses are becoming more packed with the Internet of Things gadgets, from doorbell cameras to Google Home Minis to smart locks. Each of these gadgets links to your internet network by WiFi or a wired connection. Some of these gadgets, such as cameras and 4K televisions, use a lot of data.

When everyone in the household finishes dinner and starts watching Netflix at the same time, it’s not uncommon for your speeds to drop at night. Because there are more people on the internet, everyone is more likely to suffer sluggish internet connections.

The Device Age is upon us.

The strength of your home network is determined by the weakest connection. Even with a modern modem, it’s feasible for outdated devices on a network to slow down the process for everyone else. Your connectivity may be slowed by older PCs, laptops, and mobile devices with slower CPUs.

We advocate updating your hardware every few years because new technology is released every day. Alternatively, disconnect that outdated computer or gadget from your WiFi network and just connect when you’re using it.

Older wifi routers affecting speed.

Older routers, like your gadgets, will slow down your connection. If your router is more than three or four years old, you should probably consider replacing it.

We suggest staring at a mesh network if you’re trying to send a lot of data to a lot of devices via an aging WiFi router. A mesh network is essentially a system of numerous WiFi access points that work together to provide a robust wireless connection to every area of your property. Mesh stations freeload on one another to provide constant wireless connectivity across your home. Unlike stand-alone routers, which lose signal as you walk away from them.

Carry out a speed test.

Try conducting a speed test on your network if it appears to be sluggish. Remember that all of the gadgets in your house share bandwidth, thus any device in use will impact the results of a speed test. You can opt for one of the best wifi services in Malaysia by Jom Apply for Unifi

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