The liver plays a large role in the human body, which relies mainly on it for metabolism. The main functions of the liver are to secrete bile, store animal starch and regulate the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It also has detoxification, haematopoiesis and blood clotting functions. The liver is also the largest detoxification organ in the body and must be relied upon to detoxify poisons and wastes produced in the body, as well as poisons and liver-damaging drugs that are consumed. There are five ways to nourish and protect your liver in the next paragraphs. 

1. Maintain A Normal Weight

Being overweight makes the liver work harder and increases the chances of developing a fatty liver. If you lose body fat, you will also lose fat in your liver and even significantly reduce the elevated liver function index in patients with liver disease. The ideal way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet with regular exercise.

2. Active Exercise

actively engaged in physical exercise is another effective way to protect the liver. From the point of view of liver protection, one should choose a good sports venue, with a wide field, open view, fresh air is better; two should choose a good exercise program, to exercise physical strength and endurance as the goal of the whole body low-intensity dynamic exercise is good, such as jogging. It is important to remember to avoid strenuous exercise before going to bed.

3. Protein And Appropriate Supplements Repair The Liver:

Eggs, tofu, milk, fish, chicken, sesame seeds, pine nuts and other high-protein, low-calorie food are the liver’s favourites. Protein functions as the protein in these foods act as a “repairman” for the liver, repairing liver cells and promoting their regeneration. Suitable appropriate health supplements such as Proganic liver Chinese medicine Malaysia can boot the digestion of protein and for liver detoxification, but also for the relief of hepatitis and cirrhosis.  

4. Sugar Is An Important Substance For Protecting The Liver

 Each gram of glucose provides around seven per cent of the energy needed by the body, and if a person is in a prolonged state of energy deficiency, liver function can be affected. Sugar also synthesises a substance called liver glycogen, which is stored in the liver and prevents damage to liver cells from toxins ingested into the body. 

5.  Stay Away From All Kinds Of Instruments That May Be Contaminated With Blood:

Avoid unnecessary blood transfusions, needles, ear piercing, tattoos, sharing toothbrushes and razors with others, and reducing contact with instruments that may be contaminated with blood.

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