Everything depends on technology nowadays. It is at a point where we can’t seem to live without it. Of course, we can carry out some tasks and activities without it, but it will take a longer and harder time to complete it. Instead of taking a long way, we tend to take the shortcut and use the technological innovations provided.

The same can be said for marketing. There are simpler and updated ways of going about it in the modern age. Marketing used to be carried out through television, billboards, radio and magazine ads. However, the period of traditional media is slowly dying out. The younger generation no longer watches cable television, listen to the radio, or read magazines. All of these media platforms are transitioned to be online. People watch their series and movies through streaming applications, and they use music applications such as Spotify and Apple Music to listen to music. Basically, all the media they consume is accessed through the internet as they are online.

Brands and companies need to keep up with the changes if they intend on staying on top of the advertising game. If they continue to market their products using the traditional styles and methods, they will fall behind eventually. Therefore, with the rise of technology, comes a new form of marketing which is digital marketing. 

Digital marketing consists of promotional activities being carried out on any electronic device that has display capabilities. Ads are posted on online platforms such as Twitter, Blogs and YouTube. They are posted in between paragraphs in online articles. These are just a few examples of digital marketing. The ads are posted in the form of videos, social media posts and display ads. 

There are several types of digital marketing. Uncertain of what type of digital marketing is suitable for your business and brand? Keep reading to find out about the three types of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves audience engagement on social media platforms. It encourages brand awareness and traffic. You can do this by engaging with your people online. Nowadays, almost every other business with brands has its social media accounts. These accounts are on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These three big social media applications are the three most used platforms by users.

The purpose of social media marketing isn’t to ensure that the people you are engaging with will immediately buy the products you are selling. It is to scope the needs, issues and wants of your client base. These types of interactions between brand and customer will increase your brand reputation and increase brand engagement. The post this discussion is carried out on will be shared and liked by many others, which increases the traffic. When traffic increases, it reaches more people on the platform.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is basically a tool you can use to ensure that your website will be shown in the first few results of a search. Imagine this, you want to buy something, so you enter the relevant terms related to the product in the search bar. Once the search engine produces results, you are able to look through the results shown on the first page. People usually don’t go to the next page, and they either type in other terms if they want to find something else. If your website comes up on the first result page, you will be able to attract more customers and increase the traffic of your website.

When the traffic increases, so do the client base and business. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be on the first results page. There are several factors that need to be addressed and achieved. A post on your website should have the relevant keywords, appropriate meta description, catchy title, and high-quality images. Even with these parameters, it will be hard to achieve the first result page standard. However, with time and patience, you will get there soon enough. The other way you can boost your SEO score is by hiring a SEO agency that is professional in the field.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a fairly simple type of marketing to understand. You send promotional material embedded into an email, and you hope that the receiver checks it out. It might not be an efficient type of marketing, but it still works nevertheless. The only issue with email marketing is the execution of it is slightly complex. You need to understand that your emails should be wanted in the first place. 

You need to have an opt-in list that has a couple of parameters. These parameters include individualised content in title and subheading, a statement of the type of emails the subscriber will receive and provides the receiver with an option to unsubscribe. The unsubscribe option should be clearly stated in order to allow the receiver to be able to quit receiving the emails. Some receivers tend to dislike email blasts and promotions because they can fill up their inboxes. If they aren’t able to unsubscribe from the email blasts they might become frustrated and lose them as a customer. 

These emails are usually filled with promotional sales, latest product additions, clearance sale announcements and free rewards and gifts. Loyal customers usually lookout for these emails because it allows them to receive the latest updates on their favourite brands. It also allows them to be the first few people to buy a new product or claim their prizes. They feel like they are the first to receive the news of their favourite brand and companies. 

These are just three of the many types of digital marketing strategies available. If you intend on expanding your business, and increasing revenue, digital marketing can help you achieve this. There are companies that provide digital marketing services for brands and businesses. They will be able to facilitate your process of achieving higher goals for your company. Check this link out for more

Kaki Share